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Gallery: Waxahatchee Enchants New Haven on the Tigers Blood Tour

Live Nation Presents: The Tigers Blood Tour April 25th, in New Haven, Connecticut

Words and Photos by: Chantel Malin | @chantelmalin

Waxahatchee, the musical project of singer songwriter Katie Crutchfield, made their New Haven debut at Toad's Place on April 25th. The band takes their name from Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama, near where Crutchfield grew up. She formerly released music alongside her sister Allison in the band P.S. Eliot, as well as part of the alt-country duo Plains with singer songwriter Jess Williamson.

Since 2010, Crutchfield has been known for her deeply introspective lyrics, focusing on heavier topics but paired with a bright sound that blends elements of alternative, indie, country, and folk. Despite having flown under the radar in larger spheres, Waxahatchee has amassed a devout following, easily demonstrated by the packed audience at Toad's Place they played to on Thursday night. The Tigers Blood tour follows the March release of Waxahatchee's most recent record of the same name, which landed with universal praise for the songwriter's ability to communicate complex emotions and concept in a succinct and accessible way.

The set included the entirety of the 12-track Tigers Blood record, broken up throughout the evening with some songs from 2020's Saint Cloud and a handful of songs from the Plains project. With plenty of material to get through, Crutchfield managed to play through a 23-song setlist with just enough time to spare for a bit of banter - though her songs are so intimate they trend to speak for themselves and allowed her audience to feel so connected to her and each other without the need for extra words. Some standouts included the fan favorites "Oxbow" and "Lilacs," as well as the newer tracks "365" and "Right Back to It." All in all, it was a very cozy evening spent with the talented Crutchfield and her stellar band, and we hope for their return to Connecticut in the near future.

Check out the full gallery of Waxahatchee below!

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