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Gallery: Phatt James Brings Their Alt-Pop to Bridgeport

Updated: Apr 3

Park City Music Hall Presents: Phatt James, March 30, in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Words and Photos by: Chantel Malin | @chantelmalin

Connecticut based alt-pop trio Phatt James (singer Matt James, drummer Chris Wilson, and bassist Matt Christoforo) have been steadily climbing the ranks among the local music scene. Having formed in 2018, the band had begun to pick up steam in the 2020's, and hasn't let the Covid-19 pandemic slow them down; they released their first full-length record Just Begun in May of last year and have spent the following year playing shows around the Housatonic Valley, including this past weekend in Bridgeport at Park City Music Hall.

Despite being an opening set for the experimental psychedelic band Consider the Source, Phatt James had everyone in the cozy bar on their feet for a nine-song set entirely worthy of a headline billing. The band strikes a delicate balance between upbeat and catchy while remaining emotionally in tune with their audience and each other; their lively performance was something truly enthralling and certainly has that special spark that should bring them to larger stages in the future.

Their set included songs from their 2019 EP Circle Bent, such as the title track, "So Alive Here," and "Meantime," as well as a wide selection from Just Begun, including "Intro," "Ahead of Line," and "Faceprint." They also performed the new, unreleased track "Step Taken" and a cover of Local H's "Bound for the Floor" before closing with their most recent single "Seven Days," which recently got a music video treatment filmed in none other than Bridgeport itself and filmed by Kicker Pictures. The video tells the tale of a disheartened Cupid finally ready to find his own love, in line with the song's lyrical journey of regret and reflection.

Phatt James' performance was one to remember, and we can't wait to see them on to bigger and better things in the future; follow the band on social media (Instagram / Facebook / SoundCloud) to stay up to date on new music and plenty of more shows to come, including this July's Shoreline Summer Festival at The Beeracks in East Haven.

Check out the full gallery of Phatt James below!

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