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Gallery: Jeremy Zucker Brings 'is nothing sacred?' Tour to Boston

Roadrunner Presents: Jeremy Zucker Novemeber 5th, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts

Words and Photos by: Jacklyn Lipscomb | @photobyjacklyn

Singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker returned to Boston on November 5th at Roadrunner for a night of anthemic instrumentals, heartfelt sing-alongs, and emotive group music therapy in celebration of his latest EP is nothing sacred?. The New Jersey native was warmly welcomed to the stage as a sea of hundreds of adorning fans all cheered in anticipation from the second the lights cut out. Starting off the night with "i need you (in my life)", Zucker instantly captivated the audience as an aesthetically pleasing display of LED colors were projected onto two big screens, with Jeremy himself positioned front and center on a pedestal shrouded in faux grass and flowers. The stage design elegantly complimented every aspect of Zucker's endearing personality and charming vocals as he proceeded to perform fan favorites like "all the kids are depressed", "somebody loves you", "internet crush" and "comethru."

Nearly halfway through his set, Zucker decided to slow things down for an intimate moment with the crowd as he sat down at the piano and continued to address his overwhelming love and appreciation for all of his fans' support throughout the past few years. With the audience holding onto every word, he then dove straight into a stripped back version of "scared"- a ballad from his 2019 collaboration EP with Chelsea Cutler titled brent, that became one of the most breath-taking moments of the night. Still at the piano, Zucker followed that up with "brooklyn boy" before picking the energy back up again with "not ur friend" and "oh, mexico."

The second most notable and perhaps the most touching moment of the show occurred when Zucker chose one lucky audience member to join him onstage for "Cry with you" in an attempt to make someone's bad day a bit brighter with the comforting nature of the song's lyrics. This act was just another testament to how genuinely kind and down-to-earth the pop singer is, proving his connection with his fans is something truly special and one of a kind.

Wrapping up the performance on a euphoric high and true emotional rollercoaster with "you were good to me", "talk is overrated", "always, i'll care", and the anthemic crowd-pleaser "supercuts", Jeremy Zucker put his all into crafting his most monumental tour experience yet and left all of his fans in Boston already eager to see, and hear, what the rising star will create next.

Check out the full gallery of Jeremy Zucker below!

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