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Review: Japanese Breakfast Makes Dreams Come True at the Iconic Disney Concert Music Hall

Disney Concert Music Hall Presents: Japanese Breakfast September 27th, 2023, in Los Angeles, California

Words and Photos by: Laurel Ayuyao | @laurelayuyao.jpg

On September 27th, Japanese Breakfast graced the iconic Disney Concert Music Hall in downtown Los Angeles, the first of their two shows at the venue. As fans gathered in the lobby, there was an undeniable sense of excitement in the air. Many attendees adorably paid homage to frontwoman Michelle Zauner by donning her signature braids and bows.

Before Japanese Breakfast took the spotlight, the stage was graced by the ethereal presence of Ichiko Aoba, a Japanese folk singer and songwriter. Armed with just her guitar, she sat bathed in a solitary spotlight, allowing her subdued yet profoundly peaceful performance to captivate the audience. Her velvety, soulful voice wove a spell of meditative serenity, a truly unexpected and enchanting treat for concertgoers.

Finally it was time for Japanese Breakfast to take the stage. The band, an impressive ensemble of 11 members, played an impressive variety of instruments, including the cello, viola, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, and the occasional surprise appearance of the trumpet, trombone, and even a gong. The main singer Michelle Zauner radiated infectious enthusiasm, wearing a beaming smile that persisted throughout the night.

Throughout the performance, Japanese Breakfast treated the audience to a repertoire of hits, including crowd favorites like "Be Sweet" and "Everybody Wants to Love You." Additionally, they played an unreleased song, one that had never been performed live before, along with the exciting revelation that a new album was in the works, though Michelle admitted that the album wouldn’t come out for a long time.

What truly set this concert apart was the band's extraordinary musical prowess. Their collective talent transformed the evening into an intimate jam session. The night was nothing short of exhilarating, leaving every member of the audience with a heartfelt smile and unforgettable memories. Japanese Breakfast's performance at the Disney Concert Music Hall was a joyous celebration of music and camaraderie, an experience that will undoubtedly linger in our hearts.

Check out the full gallery of Japanese Breakfast below!


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