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Interview: BANNERS Unveils the Inspiration Behind All Back to Mine, Sharing Music Industry Advice and the Importance of Spreading Positivity

by Jacklyn Lipscomb & Mari Washburn

For Liverpool based singer-songwriter Michael Nelson, formally known as BANNERS, the most important aspect of creating music is simply to connect with listeners in the most authentic way possible. Best known for his charismatic and overwhelmingly genuine approach to songwriting and artistry, featuring trademark anthemic choruses, irresistibly catchy melodies, enchanting vocals, and inspirational ballads about love, life, and self-acceptance, BANNERS has always been an artist who wants others to find solace and safety in his lyrics. Since beginning his journey as solo artist in 2015, he has achieved global success with his hit breakout single "Someone to You" and has amassed nearly 1.5 billion total streams.

Now celebrating the release of his sophomore album All Back to Mine, we were lucky enough to catch-up with Mike for the first time since our initial meeting back in 2017 to discuss all things new music, current inspirations, future tour plans, and his ultimate passion for spreading positivity and comfort through his music.

Listen to the full interview below!

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