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Gallery: Meet Me @ The Altar Brings The Say It To My Face Tour to New Haven at Toad's Place

Live Nation Presents: The Say It To My Face Tour January 26th, in New Haven, Connecticut

Words and Photos by: Jacklyn Lipscomb | @photobyjacklyn

Punk rock trio Meet Me @ The Altar put on an electrifying performance in New Haven this past Friday at the college town's beloved live music venue Toad's Place. Concert goers of all ages and colorful hairstyles braved the winter cold to see the band up close and personal, along with the three incredibly talented opening acts of the night: Elliot Lee, John Harvey, and Honey Revenge.

Honey Revenge

Known for their high-energy performances, refreshingly catchy pop melodies, and signature punk attitude, the trio took the stage and kept the audience engaged from start to finish. Fresh off of a run supporting 5 Seconds of Summer on tour in 2023 and promoting tracks from their breakout debut album Past // Present // Future, Lead vocalist Edith Victoria, guitarist and bassist Téa Campbell, and drummer Ada Juarez commanded the room with ease as they happily powered through fan favorites like "Same Language", "Now or Never", and "Hit Like a Girl" before rounding out their set with "T.M.I", "Kool", and "Say It (to My Face)." If it isn't Edith's eye-catching makeup and the band's blazing standout riffs that catch your attention, surely it will be their genuine dedication to making a difference in the industry as an all female band that triumphantly defies punk rock's typical stereotypes. With diversity at the forefront of everything Meet Me @ The Altar stands for, fans from near and far find safety, comfort, and solace in the band's music as their lyrics remind listeners to not be afraid to stand out in the crowd.

With tour dates across the country planned until the end of February, you won't want to miss a chance to see these young rockstars live in a city near you!

Check out the full gallery of Meet Me @ The Altar below!


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