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Gallery: Bishop Briggs & MisterWives bring The Don't Look Down Tour to Boston

RoadRunner Presents: The Don't Look Down Tour September 17th, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts

Words and Photos by: Jacklyn Lipscomb

Bishop Briggs and MistwerWives brought their co-headlining stop of The Don't look Down Tour to Roadrunner in Boston on September 17th for a night of high-energy stage antics and out-of-this-world vocals that left the entire audience on cloud 9.

The New York City based Indie pop band MisterWives was the first to impress the crowd, as their years of touring and performing together as a band shined through exponentially in their choreography and stage presence. Starting their set off with "Out of Your Mind" and diving into a barrage of carefully executed fan favorites like "Dagger","Where Do We Go From Here?" and "Trip Around The Sun," front-woman Mandy Lee commanded the room throughout the entire performance. Between colorful visuals displayed across massive LED screens to accompany each track, to playful banter between each member of the band, Lee's vocal dynamics remained effortless and breath-taking. This was on full display during one of the slower tracks of the night, "Ultraviolet" from the band's newest album Nosebleeds as Lee mirrored the cover art, sitting atop the giant LED display wall with arrows in her back. Seemingly overflowing with joy and gratitude to be playing for such a large crowd, the band continued their set with upbeat and signature feel-good songs like “SUPERBLOOM”, “Our Own House”, “Reflections”, “End of My Rope”, and ultimately ending with the newest anthemic crowd pleaser “Nosebleeds” that had everyone realizing just how lucky they were to be experiencing MisterWives live in person.

Los Angeles based alternative artist Bishop Briggs took the stage next, gushing with emotional gratitude as she instantly opened up and invited the crowd along for the journey with her as she dotingly addressed the audience throughout her entire set. Celebrating the release of her most recent EP When Everything Went Dark, Briggs kicked off her set with lively tracks like “Art of Survival”, “Wild Horses”, and “Cherry on Top”. Opening up about the fact that her baby and husband have been joining her on tour, Briggs proceeded to breeze through “MY SHINE” and “Baby” while referencing them throughout the night, her adoration for them undeniable. Never once losing her infectious smile, Bishop’s wholesome and overwhelmingly genuine character was a breath of fresh air to experience from someone with such immense levels of talent. About halfway through her set, her professionalism was brought to the center spotlight, as technical difficulties within the venue suddenly cut all power to the microphones and backing tracks onstage. Instead of freezing, Briggs finished the song with ease, never faltering once despite the audience not being able to hear anything. For the next two songs, she improvised with her guitarist as they sat on the edge of the stage for an impromptu acoustic session, encouraging the audience to be as quiet as possible in an attempt to hear her sing without any equipment. Briggs decided to sing “Never Tear Us Apart” for the first time on this tour, as it’s one of her most dynamic vocal performances and allowed the crowd to hear her sing as loud as she could. With everyone in the room mesmerized by her talent, the team finally regained control over the sound and the show continued as planned, as Briggs finished off the night with favorites like “Bad”, “Revolution”, and breakout hit “River”. Constantly thanking her fans for their support throughout the years and inspiring them to do whatever makes them happiest in life, Bishop’s performance in Boston reminded everyone of the raw power of live music and exemplified the fact that every performance on tour is truly one of a kind. 

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