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24 Artists To Watch In 2024

Take a look back at some of our favorite, most notable artists that made a major impact in 2023...

Written by Jacklyn Lipscomb and Mari Washburn

Tafari Anthony

For Toronto based artist Tafari Anthony, 2023 was the year of the album! Anthony started off strong, releasing singles like “Falling Back”, “Heart Race”, and “Evermore” amongst others leading up to his project's highly anticipated drop. When I Met Your Girlfriend is Tafari Anthony’s debut album, exploring expansive topics like dynamic and complex interpersonal relationships in the lens of queer love, and polyamory. The sounds that envelope these words primarily lean pop, however there is a taste of many genres across the album. RnB, acoustic, lo-fi and even rock vibes bring each story to life, enhanced by Anthony’s rich tone and impressive, powerful range. While the success of the album was quite a stand-out moment for him, other highlights included emotional music videos, live concerts across his home city, and a performance interview combo with the Canadian broadcast Breakfast Television. Finding Tafari Anthony’s music this year was an unforgettable highlight, with consistent high energy and passionate releases, his audiences across the globe should be eagerly awaiting this artist's next big moves in 2024. 

Modern Alibi 

If you haven’t yet caught on to the electrifying sound and style of the North Carolina based alternative project Modern Alibi just yet, get ready to be introduced to your next new favorite rock band. Instantly capturing our attention with their debut single “Seventies”, the band’s incredibly cohesive approach to songwriting, featuring signature grooving bass lines and vintage guitar tones, made it clear very early on in 2023 that they know exactly what they want to achieve in the industry and have a solid vision of how to get there. With their following two singles “Silver Spoon” and “Boy You Better” having staggered release dates throughout the year, the band kept busy by playing frequent live shows across their home state, crafting aesthetically eye-catching lyric and music videos, and also posting occasional covers of their favorite popular songs that have garnered praise from notable acts like Mike Posner and I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. Known for their high energy performances that go above and beyond what is conveyed in their traditional studio recordings, 2024 is shaping up to be another promising year for the young rising band that will undoubtedly attract an abundance of new listeners, new opportunities, and of course, new infectious melodies to add to your playlists.

Taylor Acorn

Pop punk powerhouse Taylor Acorn jump-started fans in 2023 by opening for American rock legends Grayscale and releasing her first love song since 2017, just in time for the holiday of love. She continued into the year with the same adoration and excitement as she turned spring tour openings into summer tour support with The Summer Set and Loveless. Landing spots on iconic festivals like Rock for People (Czech Republic), Download Fest Greenfield Festival (Switzerland), Riot Fest, Hurricane Fest (Germany) and So What Music Festival throughout the year, and she even crossed the pond for her first ever headline show that sold out, with a venue upgrade. With fall came the release of her album Certified Depressant, a collection of songs that sonically pay homage to the 1990's and early 2000’s pop punk/punk rock era, tackling topics of mental health, loved ones' toxic relationships, and the pressures of modern-day society, written entirely of her own words. Her appeal to the masses is not only her vocal diction, but her refusal to subscribe to the industry's unspoken rule of saturating her content with love and heartbreak songs in order to succeed. She spent the last part of her year touring the tracks of Certified Depressant for her late fall session and proceeded to announce her Australia and full set of U.S. dates, Boston to Seattle, from March to May. With that, Alternative Lately has deemed Taylor Acorn the Queen of live performances for 2024 and if you're lucky enough to have her in a city near you, don’t risk the FOMO!

Lone Tells 

Arguably one of the most profound new names to arise in 2023 was Ukrainian based artist Lone Tells. Lone Tells has become a beloved discovery to us here at Alternative Lately and with a total of 6 brand new singles released last year, the aspiring creator continues to make a name for himself by seamlessly blending notes of electronic, alternative, indie, and folk genres. Crafting all of his music from his very own basement studio amidst some of the darkest days in Ukraine and showcasing his production talents with debut single “First Step,” Lone Tells proceeded to amaze us with the folk inspired rock flares in “Bisons,” followed by the addition of clean vocal work and groovy guitar licks in “The First One”, to the introspective emotionally driven acoustic style of his most recent release “Basement Song.” Taking inspiration from fellow sonic masterminds like Bon Iver and drawing comparisons to the likes of Novo Amor, no song by Lone Tells sounds exactly the same which is what makes his style so beautifully unique and truly authentic. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is off-limits for Lone Tells and listeners are guaranteed to find something to relate to within his art. Surely, this new year will allow us to get to know Lone Tells even better through his next upcoming releases, while music enthusiasts from across the world continue to uncover yet another genuine star on the rise! 


For Alternative Lately, alt pop rock band Oceanic seemed to emerge completely out of the woodwork and with quite the BANG in 2023. This Charlotte, North Carolina based trio is a young, up and coming force in the industry that seems to have a crystal-clear vision when it comes to aesthetics and sound. Oceanic, right at the top of the year, released their debut album No Human- an eleven-piece collection about the complex human experience written and performed solely by the band members themselves. A healthy mix of dynamic bops and stripped-back slower jams, every song holds a similar atmosphere but provides a distinct experience. This stand-out album, whether intended or not, has an air of hope running through its veins, which is one of the reasons why we believe that in the live setting, this group stood out from the rest. In an epic three-part tour, a combined fifteen stops across the east coast, concert goers witnessed a commanding presence, choreographed stage marks, and undeniable talent. Oceanic gifted fans a hint of new music that is on its way in the new year, somehow leaving listeners even more eager to hear what could come next in 2024. 


New Jersey based singer-songwriter Songbird made her debut in 2023 with the release of her breakout singles “Stubborn” and “Act Your Age.” Known for her charismatic and feel-good indie pop sounds, the rising artist combines euphoric and anthemic melodies with all too relatable themes of love, loss, rejection, and the coming-of-age battles that we all face in our daily lives. Although still early on in her musical journey, Songbird is truly a breath of fresh air for everyone who finds themselves in her circle. Her charming and authentic personality shines through, not only in her music, but all over her social media pages as well, as she can be found sharing personal stories, posting covers of her favorite pop songs, and interacting with all of her listeners by spreading kindness and uplifting others every step of the way. Between her seemingly effortlessly beautiful vocals and her perfectly coordinated colorful style, Songbird radiates positivity and big sister energy that all young creatives in the industry should look up to. With continued frequent local shows planned across New Jersey and hopefully some new music on the way in 2024, Songbird is a name that everyone should be watching out for!

Grant Knoche

From his pre-teen years, Grant Knoche knew music was his calling and with his successes of 2023, we are willing to believe young Grant would be beyond proud. Prior to the highly anticipated release of his sophomore album, Knoche dropped five new songs to prepare listeners for the greatness to come; I Could Die Just Thinking of Us is an LP for him to utilize his music as a means of processing, expression, and connection over his experiences in love, lust, and loss as part of the LGBTQ+ community. In each song, regardless of the emotional piano ballads, hopeless romantic bops, or electric dance tracks, his rich tone is entrancing, making you only want to listen on repeat. Knoche continued on to fill his year by dropping a limited-edition album vinyl, with performances at Silicon Valley and Orange County pride festivals and was nominated TikTok’s artist to watch out for in 2023. Rounding out the year, Knoche teamed up with pop artist on the rise, Tayler Buono, for an infectious single “Dear Life” that has social media blowing up with their flash mob and fun Romcom-esque promo reels. With practically every piece to the rockstar puzzle within his grasp, Grant Knoche will be truly unstoppable in 2024.

Sofia Camille

In 2023, the independent genre-bending project of Sofia Camille, in true strong female solo artist fashion, gave herself what we would call the best gift ever in the form of her first headline tour up the East Coast. Aptly titled the Birthday Party Tour, she hit seven cities along the way with friend and percussionist Austin Boyd, where she nearly instantaneously captured the attention and hearts of all who came out. It was on this tour where she was able to perform older repertoire favorites like “Talk to You” while teasing new music as well. One of those being the track she released later last year titled “Chicago”, a ballad fit for Broadway about a trip to the windy city with her bestie. This fan-favorite took 4 years to make it out officially into the world, and it was truly worth waiting every minute. The pairing of a great build and string backings provide a cinematic pillow for her powerful, resonating vocal performance of honest, heartwarming lyrics. Before, after and in between the release of “Chicago” and tour, Camille found herself featured on local media platforms, teaching songwriting workshops at her alma mater, as well as opening and performing shows across the Southeast. If there was anything that hasn’t already made it clear that Sofia is one to watch out for in the new year, post-tour she spent some time away working with her team on, you guessed it, her upcoming debut album!

Brendan Abernathy

Brendan Abernathy is everyone’s favorite local artist. Prioritizing the need for human connection, Brendan’s devotion to traveling to cities across the U.S. to perform his music in a live setting and create lasting impressions on listeners is only part of what makes his artistic vision so admirable. With raw lyricism that is sure to speak to the soul, paired with catchy acoustic melodies, soothing soundscapes, and rich vocals, Brendan took our breath away in 2023 with the release of his project Long Way Home, featuring standout heartfelt tracks like “At All” and “Move to Portland.” Staying true to his roots, the singer-songwriter is celebrating the EP’s release with a collection of tour dates across the country in January and February, with a notable stop right here in our very own home city of Northampton, Massachusetts! Whether you need some inspirational sounds to get you through your next solo road trip, music to accompany your morning walks on the beach, or a few songs to make you contemplate the darkest of emotions you’ve been burying down deep inside, Brendan Abernathy will be there to remind you that you aren’t alone in whatever journey you are facing.

New Royals

Arizona based brothers Jake, Jesse, and Dylan, formally known as New Royals, had a fantastic year of new music in 2023. The eclectic indie rockers released four singles throughout the year with their most recent tracks “Out of Sight” and “End of the World” being featured on their brand-new EP kicking off 2024 titled Saint Sapphire. With a little bit of grunge to their signature sound, the band provides heavy energetic and electronic undertones that keep their listeners wanting more. The band also prides themselves in their fiery, high energy live performances, which can be seen documented across their social media. If discovering an up-and-coming band before they get famous is one of your goals for the new year, then now is the perfect time to get on board to support New Royals for what is already shaping up to be one of their best years yet.

Jillian Dawn

2023 may have been the most momentous year yet for up-and-coming Massachusetts native, Tennessee based indie pop artist Jillian Dawn. Starting the year off right, she released her pop country track “Fear of Heights”, an infectious anthem to help you conquer any fears. Jillian embarked upon many festivals, performances across Nashville, and dropped a nostalgic cover of Christina Aguilera's Y2K Hit “Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You)”. One of her greatest accomplishments was her two-part headline tour from LA to Boston, charming audiences with her bubbly, easy-going demeanor and leaving them awestruck from her soaring intrinsic vocal showcase. To top the year off, Dawn’s highly anticipated song “Fender Bender”, a heartfelt ballad about her journey as an artist, loved by friends, family, and fans alike, officially made its debut. Surely, this stacked “launching pad” chapter that was 2023 will skyrocket this powerful singer-songwriter into the next chapter of her journey during 2024, and we can't wait to be there to witness the magic!

Chaz Cardigan

For us, Alternative Lately, Kentucky born, LA based solo artist Chaz Cardigan has provided the up-and-coming indie pop comeback of the quarter century. His music has always crafted a blend of raw honesty with precise metaphors. His work is often backed with heavier pop leaning tracks for those who need to dance out those feelings. However, in April of 2022 Chaz took a much-needed mental health hiatus, and in February of 2023, like a token from the universe for his fans and fans-to-come, was his quiet return and first sneak peek into what he had in store for the upcoming year. As humans we are always evolving and with the first two singles to drop, his approach to this new music has been a major shift, and for the better. Of his first works back, “Grass”, a song for those who are in need of some grounding, highlights a jangly fast tempo melody and shares an overall acoustic vibe with its release mate “Blame”. This slower jam takes a deep dive into mental health struggles and bipolar disorder over organic soundscapes. Chaz released 4 more singles in preparation for the soon to be released completed album. Each song holds just as much, if not more, magic than the last, covering the topics of existentialism, past relationships, and radical joy. Concert goers were lucky enough to hear this comeback kid and his music for two rounds of touring on the West Coast. His unfiltered social media presence allows for those who share his ideas and thought processes to connect honestly. Such candor is difficult to find in the digital age, and for Chaz it easily reflects his musical intelligence and worldly intellect with his listeners, like in his reels segment “Synapse, Crackle, Pop”. If he couldn't have done even more in the past year, backed by the everlasting fire within him and fifteen years of experience in the music industry, he began a 12-week songwriting course mentoring artists on the ins and outs of what makes a song tick. With a newfound purpose and a restored sense of passion for his songwriting, Chaz Cardigan is a rising powerhouse in the music industry that everyone should be on the lookout for in 2024.

Kyler Slater 

Authenticity is at the forefront of everything that Los Angeles based artist Kyler Slater creates within his musical projects. Kyler is not new to the industry, as being forced to grow up at a young age motivated him to turn to music as his primary coping mechanism and form of expression. Kyler’s songwriting is just as cathartic for him as it is for his listeners, and that could not have been more overwhelmingly apparent than in 2023 with the release of his latest album Lights Out. In a social media post surrounding the project’s release, the up-and-coming artist noted how the album dives in on abuse, abandonment, self-hatred, and also healing. This level of brutal honesty depicted in his lyrics regarding these difficult subjects is what captivates listeners and inspires many to pursue their own journeys of healing. If you are looking to connect with an artist that prioritizes sincerity, allows you to wholeheartedly feel the entire spectrum of human emotions while singing along to his songs in your car, and creates melodies that are sure to be stuck in your head for days on end, Kyler Slater should be added to your list of artists to watch out for in 2024!


Three singles was all it took for Norwegian guitarist and solo artist Vandbakk to make his mark this past year. In April of 2023, Vandbakk dropped an indie alt-rock self-love kicker “Love Myself”, gently letting listeners into his tumultuous relationship with himself. At the start he admits to losing sight of who he really is, however as the song progresses, he takes a step into a more confident and accepting self-love- “I'm the first to love myself, you can get in line… You don't have to understand for me to feel alright." Taking on a darker tone and a hardcore/punk sound for Vandbakk’s sophomore release of the year “Hospital”, this fast-paced track guides listeners into his life's experiences, only amplified with his unique tone and passionate vocal execution. Beautifully contrasting his second single was his last release of the year “Honeylips”, a tender acoustic song that happily surprised us and made it clear that Vandbakk was an artist to watch out for in 2024. This track highlights his falsetto, lyrical vulnerability about love, and like all of his other tracks, his superb guitar skills. Alongside these incredible songs, Vandbakk played festivals and shows alike as guitarist for his friend Simen Steinklev, as well as put out a gorgeous dance-filled visualizer for “Honeylips”. While we don't officially know what's next for this up-and-coming international alternative star, it's sure that his creative integrity will carry on into the new year.


If you are searching for the ultimate comfort music, look no further than Liverpool based singer-songwriter Michael Nelson, formally known as BANNERS. After steadily releasing music for the past 8 years, 2023 was a time of self-discovery and musical fulfillment for BANNERS. Known for his anthemic choruses, irresistibly catchy melodies, enchanting vocals, orchestral string backings, and inspirational ballads about love, heartbreak, and self-acceptance, BANNERS has always been an artist who wants listeners to find solace and safety in his lyrics. Starting this past year off strong, BANNERS wore his heart on his sleeve for the release of his most honest and thought-provoking EP yet, aptly titled I Wish I Was Flawless, I’m Not. As if this one musical gift to the world wasn’t enough, the rising musician went on to release a staggering amount of new music for a total of 8 more singles released throughout the year, solidifying his place in the industry and creating lasting impressions on brand new fans, as well as providing sonic refuge for long time fans to draw strength and hope from his soothingly familiar, yet newly refreshed indie pop sound. From the chill indie rock tones of “Tell You I Love You”, to the danceable electronic undertakings of collaboration track “Submarine” featuring Seeb and SUPER-Hi, to the soul-stirring, almost theatrical stylings of “Name in Lights” and “Broken Hearted”, and finally, ending the year with swooning staple singles “Anywhere for You” and “The Best View in Liverpool”, BANNERS truly gave the world a song for every occasion imaginable, with his passion and authenticity shining through brighter than ever before. If there is one thing we know for certain going into 2024, it’s that BANNERS’ devotion to sharing the most sincere version of himself through his music will only continue to establish the most unbreakable bond between the artist and fans. Hopeful for more new music and possibly some live performances, 2024 will no doubt be another monumental year for BANNERS, and we can’t wait to be there every step of the way!

The Narrative

Nashville based duo The Narrative has mastered the art of creating the most upbeat and groovy indie tracks that also simultaneously leave you reflecting on your own inner demons, existential crisis threats, and general philosophical responses to the world around us. Much like their band name suggests, The Narrative dives deep on heavy subject matter and aims to connect with their listeners in the most organic way possible through their songwriting. Creating music together since 2006, the duo made a strong comeback in 2023 with the release of their New Anxieties EP, featuring both the title track, as well as their second single of the year, “On the Ride.” With frequent social media posts and dreams of going on tour in 2024, The Narrative is definitely an act that you should be following and supporting as the year goes on!


LA based pop duo on the rise VOILÀ, comprised of Luke Eisner and Gus Ross, have made great strides towards the growth of their project in 2023, with the item of greatest impact being the release of their third album The Cure For Breathing. The pair are notorious for packing a punch with their music, however this time, it’s with the stacked lineup of collaborating artists that gives them the edge. Working with fellow up and comers like Phem, Craig Owens (Chiodos), Luna Aura and most notably Kellin Quin of Sleeping with Sirens, this new exploratory chapter of Voila sounds remarkably good on them. Their trademark love and heartbreak centered lyrics are reinforced by a seductive performance, this go round leaning more pop punk with even a couple of hyper-pop influences rather than their previous classic pop rock stylings. Voila, while not having officially toured the album yet, performed headline shows throughout LA, even hitting a few stops along the east coast supporting Craig Owens. Their top song “Figure You Out” hit 50 million streams while still completely independent and they released their second session of acoustic recordings after fans patiently waited nearly 5 years. From dorm room friends to musicians on the rise, their dedicated audience and steadfast work they have put into this project is sure to give all music fanatics a reason to watch out for them in 2024. 

Capital Soiree 

For Chicago based alternative rock project Capital Soiree, 2023 was a year filled with new music and new listeners- us included. Although the band has been making music for quite some time now, they originally caught our attention with the release of their latest EP ReRuns. The EP has a song that speaks to anyone, from catchy tracks like “Lead Me On” and “More Like You” to slower deeper cuts like “be ok” and “Like I Always Knew”, the band’s polished indie rock anthems touch on topics of broken relationships, falling in love, and dealing with whatever life may throw your way. With inspirations like Smashing Pumpkins, Phoenix, and Two Door Cinema Club, the band has perfected their own niche alternative style and continues to make a name for themselves in Chicago’s local music scene. With frequent live shows and continuously growing audiences, we are excited to see what Capital Soiree has planned for 2024!

Chris Pierce 

If you haven't yet heard of presidential candidate Chris Pierce and his G.A.Y Campaign, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but you’ve got a lot to catch up on. This gay popstar on the rise and political dark horse, is a firm believer in the American Dream, a concept that all Americans have the right to fundamental human rights, equal opportunity, and fair treatment regardless of class, socioeconomic background, gender, sexual orientation or race. How, might you ask, will Chris Pierce achieve this vision in the polarized times of today? The answer: The American Dream Act, an in-depth breakdown of Mr. Pierce's plan to Make America Gay Again ( Hopefully by now your question is, how do I support this candidate dedicated to such great reform? The most effective way to support your new favorite pop icon and presidential candidate is to listen to his album GAY CAMPAIGN. This album is his reminder to you voters and listeners that everyone deserves a chance to let go and dance, to let karma work its magic to the haters, and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Chris embarked upon his campaign trail and tour hitting five major cities up the east coast last year, preaching new hits and old, like “KARMA”, “CLOSER”, “LOVE CAN WAIT” and of course “G.A.Y”. For this candidate, the ballot box is brought to you by the streaming platform of your choice, and we urge you to continue your support into the new year by streaming GAY CAMPAIGN. To some, they may only see an extremely controversial marketing ploy, but for us and Chris Pierce, this is an impassioned dedication to making the United States a safe, just, equitable, and livable place for all. So, will you stand on the right side of history and vote Pierce for 2024?


For pop singer songwriter Trella, music videos, opening shows, and collaborations with greats like Dabin and Jordan Frye were just the beginning for her this past year. The Brooklyn based creative performed at her first headline show in her home borough at the infamous venue for up-and-coming artists, Baby’s Alright. Some of the most wholesome moments of the year she shared on social media was her 30th birthday, the day that Spotify drops their Wrapped- an end of year look back on artists musical statistics. We were happily surprised at the results of her growth in the span of the 3 years we had known of her project, what a gift to receive that bit of validation that her music is reaching the people that need it the most. As if needing anymore proof to why Trella should be on your radar in 2024, just prior to the new year, she announced her Emmy nomination for her songwriting for Monster High: The Movie, how exciting! With talks of a full length LP on the horizon, be sure to expect unique feel good pop melodies, laced with her mesmerizing tone and sentimental impassioned lyrics. 

Belle Mt.

London’s own indie alt-pop trio Belle Mt. brought us many new singles in 2023, always staying true to their beautifully crafted cinematic sound and style. From tracks like “The Road”, “Awake”, “Lost Boys”, and “Clio”, to their most recent release “Feathers”, Belle Mt.’s ability to articulate the most complicated of emotions and experiences related to heartbreak, loneliness, love, and healing is truly awe-inspiring. The band had many accomplishments to be proud of this past year, from opening for The Revivalists, to connecting with fans through their exclusive Patreon community, sharing heartfelt moments through their mailing list, to planning the release of their debut album Mean World Syndrome set to be released in just a couple weeks, the trio has no intent to stop anytime soon. If you are looking to support some true pioneers of independent music this year, Belle Mt. rightfully deserves a place on your list of most-streamed artists!

Aimee Vant

Aimee Vant’s Trash EP was a gift to the broken-hearted of 2023 and beyond. This time capsule collection has been an accelerator for her career in the six months it has been out into the world, and one of her many testaments of how hard work truly does pay off in the end. This project, as well as the rest of her discography, is a pop-centric roadmap of feelings not easily explained, surrounded by evocative, dynamic synth beats. She paired up with friend and fellow singer-songwriter/creative Lev on her track “Everything at Once”, which has soared up to her most popular song to date (and rightfully so). This power duo are the creative architects behind Aimee’s newest release “Life or Death”, a more upbeat tune contrary to their previous work together. Also added to the pot of success was her performance opening for Rosie at her professional dream venue, The Troubadour in L.A., as well as collaborating with her idol Tucker Click on “Table for One." Despite it all, what has given us the most anticipation for 2024 from Aimee Vant was during our interview with her in 2023 at the mention and prospect of new music. She has graced social media with the first round of teasers, and we are at the edge of our seats, more than ready to hear how she will continue to connect with her audiences, sonically blow our minds, and conquer the music industry in the new year. 


British indie rock band Flawes is perhaps one of the most polished, mainstream-radio worthy and ready bands to arise on our radar in 2023. With an impressive start to music in 2016, the band achieved initial success with their debut single getting instant traction on Spotify’s Viral Chart and gaining rotation on U.S. television. The band has been perfecting their craft ever since. Although we were admittedly way too late to the discovery party, we were instantly hooked upon first listen with their first release of 2023 “Don’t Blame Me,” along with follow up singles “Tears Won’t Show” and “Satellite” that proved the band can seamlessly deliver tracks that are rightfully deserving of being placed across mainstream outlets across the globe. With nostalgia driven sounds reminiscent of early stylings from Imagine Dragons, One Republic, and The Script, and inspiration from an array of greats like Radiohead, Fall Out Boy, and Blink 182, Flawes knows how to create tracks that anyone and everyone can enjoy. On top of their full-length album One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, the band also finished the year with the release of their EP Love For Granted. If 2024 is anything like 2023 for Flawes, listeners can expect another year of consistent growth and pop/rock perfection!

Society of Villains

Officially the newest addition to our list of bands to watch out for in 2024 is the exhilarating and refreshing new supergroup project Society of Villains. The brainchild of viral sensation Sam Tinnesz and multi-platinum producers Ian Brendan Scott and Mark Jackson, this epic trio crafts the most infectious dark alt rock sounds that will give you all of the main character energy you need to fight off even the most intrusive inner demons. This past October brought the band’s intoxicating debut single “Smoke & Trouble”, while December gave us the gripping follow-up single “Evil Is My Middle Name.” The band has been encouraging all new listeners to follow along with them on their journey of wickedness by joining the Society of Villains, with the promise of more revenge hungry anthems and villainous antics in store for 2024!


Let us know which of these 24 artists you are most excited about in 2024, below!


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